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Ambro-Sol A462 Brake Cleaner Spray, Transparent

£ 3 46

:500 ml

Colour Name:Transparent


Product Description

  • Colour: Transparent
  • Odour: Characteristic of solvent
  • Relative density: a 20°C 0,62 ÷ 0,66 g/ml
  • Flash point: Und. 0° C; Pressure at 20°C: 6/8 bar
  • Boiling point: 48°C liquid base; Melting point: -20°C liquid base; Ignition point: 405°C liquid base

Product Description

Special cleaner particularly effective for brakes, clutches and all mechanical components that require to be degreased without rinsing. It rapidly dissolves and removes oil, grease and any dirty substance.

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