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Product Description

  • Wurth Brake & Chain Cleaner 500ml
  • Chain Cleaning Brush

Würth UK have been supplying the motorcycle aftermarket for more than 30 years and are highly regarded within the trade environment for their product quality At the beginning of 2003 they launched a specific Motorcycle Division with, for the first time, a dedicated group of consultants specially trained for the ever-changing needs of the motorcycle market place. Staffed by motorcycle enthusiasts, customer needs are quickly identified resulting in a fast developing product range including helmet and clothing sanitisers, visor cleaner, bike cleaner, valeting range and chain lubes TOP QUALITY PRODUCT WURTH BRAKE AND CHAIN CLEANER LARGE 500ml CAN About this product Advanced cleaner for the safe and effective removal of contaminates such as hazardous dusts, dirt, grease and oil. When used on brake components it will remove brake dust, fluid and oil from discs, drums and callipers

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